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When others are asking SHALL WE, our question is HOW

Pragma Faktoring S.A. (formerly Grupa Finansowa Premium S.A.) is a leading factor within the non-banking sector. Not using banking standards in respect of credit ability results in an increased availability of financial products.

Consequently, Pragma Faktoring’s offer is very friendly to small- and medium- sized (SMC) companies. Its availability, documentation requirements and procedures are fine tuned to small- and medium– sized companies’  expectations and possibilities. The offer for the SMC sector was prepared in response to the needs reported by our Customers.

We started business operating in 1996 as a partnership providing services in the area of debt trading and collecting. After the transformation into a share-holding in 2007, Grupa Finansowa Premium S.A. (Premium Finance Group) made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange obtaining PLN 56 million. Thus capital has enabled us to considerably enlarge the range of our operations in respect of factoring and financing.

In 2011 we gained a new majority shareholder, a company specialised in debt trading on a business to business basis, PRAGMA INKASO S.A., also listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Through a resolution of the General Shareholders Meeting, the name of the company was changed to Pragma Faktoring S.A. The know-how provided by the new shareholder enabled us to offer services even more flexible and more suited to the Customers expectations. Simplified procedures, quick transaction verification and decision making, as well as the availability of factoring and financing services are popular with our Customers  and provide a base for quick growth in the market share while the synergy effects within the Capital Group facilitate offering the most complex offer to our Clients in respect of servicing and managing receivables on a business to business basis.

We most welcome you to work with us and see our offer.

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